So I’m beginning to realize that they don’t make normal sizes in Panama, everything is too small.

Now if this was Asia I could understand, as Orientals are very small compared to both Latinos & Caucasian people, but this isn’t Asia.

Here are just some examples of how frustrating it is to buy something when it doesn’t fit:

  1. I bought underwear that was 2 sizes too small. Stevens tried to say Panamanians aren’t large like North Americans are, but that’s NOT true. There’s a huge cross section of Panamanian body types here in Panama & most are either a North American size small or medium. There’s also large sized women & even obese sized women.

    If I buy a size large underwear & it’s really a size small, then how in the hell does a person who needs XX size fit into anything?

    Stevens wouldn’t take it back even though the other 5 pairs had never been touched. I lost $12-13.

  2. If you already read my other posts, the kitchens here are tiny. You get the odd house or apartment where the kitchen is large, the rest have no counter space (maybe one counter), maybe 3-5 cupboards if you are lucky & only one person can move around the kitchen easily.

    I broke a measuring glass (something I don’t normally do. I can’t remember the last time I broke something.) because it had been next to the drainboard & something from the drainboard fell off & knocked it off the counter.

  3. I bought a pair of 3M kitchen gloves for when you clean (you know the yellow ones). I was shocked to find out I could barely fit my hand inside it & my hands are pretty small. They aren’t tiny tiny, but they aren’t medium or large either, that’s for sure.

    I can’t figure out if it’s because 3M sent their lot of gloves they were going to throw away to Panama or what.

    It’s a commonly known fact amongst expats that companies sell all their defective products to Panama & Panama buys them as most of the Panamanian companies don’t tend to care about quality.

    All I know is that it had no size on it & I’m not thrilled with them not to mention those gloves aren’t cheap here.

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