So one of the most important questions I asked before deciding weather to move to Panama, was about the mold. I had HUGE mold issues in the previous house I lived in in Canada, & I was very very sick.

Several expats stated that the mold didn’t affect them, so I figured that the mold here in Panama was less toxic than it was back in Canada.

In the last several months I’ve noticed mold growing all around the sink in the kitchen & I can’t get rid of the smell of it in the cupboards & drawers which is why I have to leave them open all the time. You can’t just get rid of mold, I know a lot about it because of what I learned before. In fact most people are clueless when it comes to mold including governments. Again, I know this because of what I went through before.

Even though my house here always has the windows & doors open, it doesn’t seem to matter. There’s a lot of rain & therefore mold.

In the last several months I’ve been losing my brain cells. Making mistakes I normally never made before, not being able to remember things. This is one of the symptoms of mold toxicity, & I know this is probably the reason for these brain issues.

When I moved to Panama, I also noticed that tons of expats here have no memory. I wondered why & chalked it up to them being seniors, but I’m not that old & shouldn’t be having these issues, so I have to assume I’m having this because of the mold.

There’s also rust issues constantly & while I’m not knowledgeable about the affects of ingesting rust, it’s only logical that it’s also toxic.

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  1. Ok, I forgot to mention that there’s also mold in a lot of the veggies I buy here. I’ve had it on carrots, garlic, & onions & these aren’t because of something I did in the house, this how they were when I brought them home.

    Yes I sift through the veggies carefully, but you don’t know what’s growing inside onions & garlic until you open them up.

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