So I’ve noticed in the last few months
Panama is getting dirtier & dirtier

I’m talking Panama City & Arraijan as I only know these 2 areas.

I don’t know if the rain is getting dirtier & therefore raining down dirt (I mentioned this before in another post) or what is happening, but there’s mud all over the place now. You would expect the rain to wash away the dirt because the government does NOT wash the roads, but that is not what happens.

There’s more & more litter & garbage all over the place & maybe it’s because there are a lot more trucks with diesel fuel.

Diesel is a VERY TOXIC chemical that when emitted into the air causes illnesses. I believe this is one of the reasons besides the mold for me having memory issues.

All I have to do is walk to the store & I breath in truck after truck & bus after bus of toxic diesel fumes. Black smoke.

Before I moved to Panama I heard that Panama was dirty, but I don’t recollect it being THIS dirty.

Things have changed.


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