Panama No longer gets US TV Stations

So a few months before I arrived, suddenly Panama no longer had US stations like ABC, NBC & CBS & I was disappointed.

Since I didn’t have a TV here in Panama since I sold it back home, I haven’t watched TV or movies since I got here to Panama, but I did ask both Cable & Wireless & Cableonda WHY they took away the US stations, as many of the expats were VERY upset even months later.

They both told me it wasn’t Panama who got rid of the US TV stations, the US took them away. Something about licensing.

So imagine my shock when I just got off the phone with an expat in Costa Rica only to find out THEY have US TV stations there & you can even pay extra to get stations like HBO.

What the Hell?

Why does Costa Rica have THEM & Panama can’t keep them?

I could say “typical”, but I’d first like to know if other countries in both Central & South America have the main 3 stations – ABC, CBS & NBC. I’ll refrain from judging until that time.

Go figure.

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