So I’m a lover of music & I guess I was naive in thinking that all Latin American countries had the same style of music.

This is clearly NOT true.

I find Panamanian style music to be extremely boring & has no actual rhythm to it not to mention that most of the songs all sound the same to me.

Most Panamanians listen to low key or romantic style music (that’s the men, not just the women), but none of the romantic songs sound anything like what we are accustomed to back home in North America. None of the catchy tunes (if you want to call them catchy) sound anything like Brazilian or Cuban style music, so this was really disappointing to find out when I first moved here.

Yes there’s salsa music, but I only hear it occasionally & I’m not really into salsa anymore, as it almost always sounds the same as well.

Another thing I noticed once is that they were playing English songs that weren’t sung by the actual artist. It was a cheap rendition. That only happened once when I was in a taxi parata, but I thought it was worth noting as it was really strange. I mean if you are going to listen to the English songs, why not listen to the real song.

Some Panamanians listen to real English songs, but they seem to be the minority.

As for going to discos or nightclubs, I wouldn’t dare go to them because I’d walk out deaf. I want to enjoy my music & dancing, not die because of how high they crank it up.

I was once in a bar meeting a lawyer (no comment) & they were playing great English dance songs, but I couldn’t stay there because it was soooo loud.

It’s really a shame.

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