Here’s the story with Panamanians & their firecrackers

So if you want to make a fortune in Panama, open up some sort of firecracker store or import some unusual one, although that probably won’t do you much good unless they are cheap.

I was very nervous about what I was going to have to deal with for this year’s New Year’s Eve & day, as this was my first time in this house which is in a lower income housing complex. Although last year I was in a higher end housing complex & I had to deal with BLASTING music until the early morning, so it doesn’t matter what the income level of the complex is, the Panamanians are all screwed when it comes to their lack of respect for anyone.

So while I didn’t have to deal with the music pounding my house, what I did have to deal with was their obsession with firecrackers.

They had been setting off firecrackers for about a week straight already, but at 11 pm they started & went on for 2 FUCKING hours. Can you believe that? That & their poppers.

While I was able to sort of handle the noise (at one point I couldn’t handle it, I had to shut down my TV as I couldn’t hear), what I couldn’t handle was the toxins from the cheap firecrackers.

When I went to go look outside, the air was literally filled with smoke as if there had been a fire. It took at least 3 hours to clear out.

I couldn’t breath, so I had to shut the door which helped a smidgen.

Happy New Year to everyone outside of Panama. Consider yourself VERY lucky you aren’t here.

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