One positive thing about Panama is the freedoms they have. This can also be a negative, but here’s why it’s positive if you can withstand all the negatives…

The first time I went on a bus, a guy jumped on, stood in the isle & started yapping away in Spanish. I eventually asked my companion what he was babbling about. She said he’s talking about all natural medicine. I was impressed since I’m a holistic person.

In the end after his 30 minute long educational speech on holistic medicine, he sold people his little thin books. I couldn’t buy one of course because it’s in Spanish, but what amazed me, was the fact that he was allowed to stand in theĀ  middle of the bus & basically mimic an infomercial LOL

No licensing is required, meaning NO RED TAPE. He shoots the bus driver some money (or so I was told, sometimes I don’t see any money exchange hands) & he has a bus full of people who are kind of forced to listen to him.

I’ve seen guys come on selling newspapers, candy (that’s a big seller) & other snacks.

Once they are done, they usually get off at a stop or continue on if the bus is going to the Interior.

I bet you that hot dog stands & the like don’t have to apply to the city for a permit & wait ten years to get one & pay BIG money to get & maintain that license. While I will no longer eat at those food carts after feeling sick one time, many Panamanians do.

Facts to know about Panama

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