The rain in Boquete Panama is TERRIBLE

I get that it’s the rainy season now, but I NEVER EVER thought I’d have to deal with this stressor.

I knew the rain gets cold compared to when I was living in & around Panama city, & I thought I could handle it, but I can’t.

It rains here NON STOP! And I’m not talking one day here, I’m talking EVERY SINGLE DAY!

And don’t forget the horrific lightening problems in Boquete.

When I was in Panama city, it would rain for an hour, maybe 30 minutes & stop. There was only ONE week where it rained a lot, but even then it would stop after let’s say 3 hours.

Today (this is just one example) it’s been raining for 4 hours & there’s no sign it’s letting up. I had to wait for 3 hours to make a phone call because I just can’t talk on the phone when it’s raining. You can’t hear ANYTHING!

This means I can’t work or get any type of job that requires phone work.

The only way to get to the store, is if you go first thing in the morning, & since I’m NOT a morning person, it’s almost imposable to even go shopping & I don’t have a car, but even if I did, no one who’s sane wants to go out in this weather.

Even the winters in Canada are milder than this.

If you are thinking about coming to live in Boquete, think again. The rain I loved in Panama city is NOT like this.

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  1. Even though I was sleeping around 10 am this morning, I’m pretty sure the rain started around that time.

    Would you like to know what time it is now????

    11:23 pm.

    It’s been raining for probably OVER 13 hours & it doesn’t sound like it’s letting up any time soon.

    All day yesterday it rained too starting around 12 noon, but it stopped after it got dark, around 8-9 pm.


    How anyone can live in this & not feel depressed almost all the time because one can’t go out unless they have a car, can’t talk on the phone (again today I had to wait 4 hours before it slowed down enough so I could talk on the phone & be heard & hear), or just be able to go outside is beyond me.

    I’m leaving Boquete as soon as I can.

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