So after being here for 1 1/2 years now, it’s clear to me that if you want your items to last in this country you HAVE to have either a lot of air flow in your house/apartment which many don’t have, ceiling fans throughout, or AC that you keep on most of the time. Of course the minute you start using AC all the time your electricity bill goes up which is why only the well off or rich have air conditioners in Panama.

Before I moved here, I had items I bought back in 1991 still intact & looking great. I moved here & everything one-by-one started to deteriorate. And it’s not just electronics.

The other day I came across plastic bags that literally had disintegrated. I couldn’t even pick them up as they were falling apart in my hands.

So it may be cheaper here than living back home, but at least back home you don’t have to re-buy everything every year or lose items you loved & won’t ever be able to find again.

I’ll be honest & say I don’t have ceiling fans or AC in my house.

I was also told by someone when I first moved here that you have to put everything in plastic bags which I don’t do.

And the mold is getting worse, especially in houses where the cupboards are made of cheap toxic plastic instead of wood. The older houses or more expensive houses have the wooden cupboards.

So all of these things play a part in what happens when you move here to Panama, but I just thought I’d let you know since I valued what little I brought with me & now I’ve lost most of that.






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