In Panama this apartment I started renting seems to have water issues.

I’ve only been here since July 4th (today is the 18th, 2011) & the water has been shut off or isn’t accessible twice now.

I work from my home, so this is a problem for me, but it wasn’t a probem in the other 2 rooms I was renting, so it may just be this area – Parque Lavefre.

Turns out it’s not just that apartment.

Panama has water issues AND, they are so disrespectful, they don’t even tell you WHEN they will shut the water off, so you could end up trying to jump in the shower because you have to go out, only to find out there’s no water.

I’m not talking about the water outages Panama City seems to have every December, I’m talking about when you live in these complexes where they shut the water off without any notice.

That’s why you will see that some people have big HUGE blue containers that have water for storage.



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