So my first year in Panama I thought to myself that the rain wasn’t too bad. This was a concern for me as I didn’t want to be in a country where it won’t stop raining.

It rained approximately once every 3-4 days for short periods of time although sometimes it rained so heavily the streets were flooded. Of course they don’t know what they are doing in Panama, so the drainage system seems to be non existent here (I don’t see any grates or flow through thingies), although maybe it’s just designed differently here, because it doesn’t flood that much. I apologize if I’m just not seeing where the drainage is.

Anyway I said to myself that I can handle this. And during the dry season it never rained at all so much so, that after a few months I was longing for rain.

Well I don’t know if it’s because of Global Warming or what, but this year has been terrible. The dry season starts around November & it has NOT stopped raining at all. And the rain has been going on sometimes for hours. Today there was such a storm that the sky looked like there was going to be a tornado or hurricane (I can’t remember the difference) & the winds were very bad.

It’s been raining several times a day & some weeks go by where it rains every day.

So I don’t know if this is normal & last year was abnormal, but I know one expat did complain she couldn’t handle the rain. I thought she was just exaggerating, but if this is the normal weather here, I agree. This is way too much rain, as it won’t stop raining in Panama.

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