News  Flash About Car Batteries in Panama

So it seems the car batteries in Panama don’t last long, just like most things.

We don’t know if it’s the heat, because your clothes don’t last long in Panama either.

Car Batteries in PanamaMost expats are saying the car batteries in Panama they last around a year. The odd person said they got their car batteries to last two years tops, and two others said their car batteries lasted three or four years which is very good, clearly better than average.

Most people said the car batteries in Panama bought from Pricesmart (this is the Costco version in Panama) didn’t last long, but this person said theirs always lasted for three years and they’ve had two cars for a total of ten years. They said that Pricesmart does check your cars charging system, so maybe that is the trick, or it’s just the way they drive. Could also be that they keep their cars under car ports.

One person who’s lasted four years said they attached a desulfator.

If you live near Volcan, David, or Boquete, here’s another car battery shop in Panama you can go to, as their battery lasted two years.

“There is an Interstate Battery store in Bugaba right on the Pan Am Hwy. Our battery has lasted over 2 years and before we had the experience you had. From David drive
past the turnoff that goes to Volcan. You will find the battery shop to your left just a few blocks ahead on the Pan Am Hwy. ”

Hope this information helps you with your car. Getting caught on the side of the road with no working car in Panama can be a VERY stressful experience.

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