So here’s another stressor living in Panama, They won’t give you your passport back in Panama

I just read that 2 (NOT ONE) people had their passports withheld from them.

One guy just got his passport back from the police after they had it in their possession for a year.

Another expat had given it to a natural doctor in Volcan & they refused to give it back to her saying they didn’t have it.

These people are crazy here. They will steal anything from you to commit any crime.

The reason they want your passport, is because somehow they are able to monetize it.

I don’t know how or care how, what I care about is their actions.

Try to use your driver’s license. Even if it’s expired, most times they won’t know.

If the person won’t take your driver’s license as ID, I’d question why.

If it’s the cops, then yes, okay, they will demand the passport, but even for picking up money or sending money via Western Union, they should let you use your driver’s license.

I once or twice even had some idiot at an electronics store demand to see my passport just because I was buying a phone card. I said why THE HELL do you need my passport just for me to buy a phone card. He insisted, I left the store & went some place else.

A year later I confirmed with a local that NO, they do NOT need your passport or ID to sell you a phone card. She was appalled that this would even be an issue.

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