So when I first got to Panama, I was told by a woman that there’s way too much salt in the dishes.

Up until recently I NEVER had too much of a problem, although occasionally the food would be on the salty side or, the food is bland.

Well the other day in Tacanasu (a supermarket that has pre-made food in their Fonda area), I nearly died with the amount of salt that the sod who made the food put into the food.

Clearly they have no clue what they are doing & it wasn’t just one dish, it was everything from meat to chicken empanadas.

My blood pressure went through the roof, I could feel it.

So be careful.

The odd restaurant knows how to cook here, the rest don’t. And it’s a commonly known fact that there’s no consistency. You can get good food one day & then the next it’s terrible.

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