So I have to clarify that this isn’t true for ALL places in Arraijan Panama, but I recently moved into this complex & what they do with their garbage pickup is just TERRIBLE.

The bloody trucks come into the complex anywhere from midnight until 4 am picking up the garbage. Their LOUD trucks wake me up or disrupt me if I’m in the middle of doing something & what makes it worse, is that almost ALL the dogs start howling or barking which is what happened last night & I couldn’t sleep.

Why the FUCK would you come into a complex & wake people up???

Of course because there’s no respect & they are MORONS.

Again I have to clarify that this didn’t happen in the other 2 complexes I lived in in Arraijan, they came during the day.

The ONLY time garbage should be done at night is for commercial locations.

This complex in Vacamonte which isn’t a great place to live I’m realizing.



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