So here’s my drama story about Cable & Wireless in Boquete

This house I’m living in now in Boquete actually has access to both Cable & Wireless & Cableonda. Because of all the problems with Cableonda, I decided to get Cable & Wireless as a backup.

I waste time (if you read my last post about Cable & Wireless, you will know I lost about 3 hours of my time never to get service.) going over to the office getting them to give me service. While speaking to Geonava is a pleasure as she seems to be smart & her English is pretty good, the guy comes to my house & already I should have known he would screw things up, because he called to say he was outside, I go stand out there for a few minutes & then I go back inside. I don’t have time to wait for the king to arrive.

I go back to sleep & get a call within the hour from Geonvana saying he was there & left. I told her he was NOT outside. Why didn’t he call me once he arrived if I wasn’t outside? Of course this would require brain cells they just don’t have.

Anyway, he comes back & starts to set things up. He does a much poorer job with running the cables than Cableonda did & their coaxil cable is much thicker than the DSL cable.

Once I find out that their modem with built in router does NOT allow me to change the password or lock it down tight, I say forget, just give me the regular modem. He gives me that, & I notice I’m having a problem with the network. It’s sort of coming on, but there’s an error icon in the network icon in the taskbar. He doesn’t understand what I’m saying even though it should be obvious to anyone who knows ANYTHING about using computers & the Internet, & he leaves.

Since I can’t use both Cableonda & Cable & Wireless as the same time, I was only able to check it off & on & every time I did, either there was no connection, or there was & then a few minutes later no connection again.

Someone from Cable & Wireless called me & I told them the problem still wasn’t fixed.

Then 2 days later I get a call from Geonvana saying that they tested it from David (the next major city from Boquete in between here & the Costa Rican border, & they said everything is fine. So even though she had told me they would come out to change the modem, they never did & she told me they just said cancel the service there is nothing they can do.


While you know I hate Cableonda, at least they come out to fix the problem & don’t want to lose the account.

This is why I guess when I first moved to Panama I read somewhere that Cable & Wireless was doing VERY poorly.

I texted Geovana twice saying just cancel it. No one has called me to pick up the modem & I HOPE I’m not going to get some bill charging me for something I don’t want. At least she apologized.

WELCOME TO PANAMA, THE WORST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD! Where businesses don’t know how to run & they blame the customer for all of their mistakes or they just walk away to avoid fixing anything.

Oh & let’s not forget the story of the first & only time I did have Cable & Wireless service when I was still living in Panama city. They charged me after I had already canceled my service & even after I returned their Ethernet cable. I had to fight them on it with ASEP which took months because they REFUSED to credit me back the money. I spoke to several different people in their big office in Via Argentina & they all fought me on the issue even though it was clear it was THEIR mistake.

This is what I mean. This ISN’T just one person who’s like this, it’s the ENTIRE country. Some are slightly better than others, but not by much.

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