Panamanians just can’t be honest. I don’t know what it is.


I was looking for a house to rent & the construction workers across the street said the house next door was for rent. They called the owner & he came right over. My price range was $400 or less, so I sent Marie to go find out what the price was since I was busy on the phone working.

She came back & said $1,400, but it’s negotiable & I said FORGET THAT & laughed. Anyone with half a brain is going to know he ain’t going to knock off $1,000. Marie didn’t understand this of course.

So she tells the owner of the house what I said, but he starts talking to me through my office window & I told him I’m looking at $400, I am NOT paying $1,400, forget it.

He’s like, I just want you to see the house, we can negotiate. I’m surprised he says that, I tell him just a minute as I’m clearly on the phone.

5 minutes later he bugs me again, I say hang on, I’m on the phone, I’ll be right there.

I finally go across the street with him, he shows me the house, it’s nicer than this one I’m renting, but a lot smaller since they created this HUGE patio out the back that took away a good portion of the space in the house. It’s also useless since the highway is right there & you wouldn’t be able to hear anyone talk about the traffic noise anyway, but as we know, Panamanian like LOUD NOISE, so for them it won’t matter one bit.

He then makes his intentions clear… he had NO intentions of negotiating, he just wanted to show me the house to show off & prove to me it’s worth what he’s asking.

Fucking idiot wastes MY TIME. I don’t care about his house, I was very clear that I wasn’t going to pay that price & he didn’t even try to negotiate.

Geeze, total disrespect.

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