Davis Marshall Elones Left Me Stranded

Davis Marshall ElonesThis is my story of what happened with Davis Marshall Elones in Panama City, Panama.


The guy responds to my hiring ad for a translator and says I don’t need to pay someone, I just need a friend who will help – meaning him.

So he does, he translates for me via the phone while I’m at a store and then we eventually meet up later on that night and I buy him dinner. I hear all about how he’s worked his way to the top working for the Hilton and how he lived in Costa Rica for a couple of years, how now he works for Best Westin and is trying to make it the best hotel around.

How he wants to save money and retire early and on and on.

He takes me to his apartment which costs a lot because of the building it’s in, and I meet his gay friend Michael.

I should have known something was wrong with him when I see Hitler books on his bookshelf. I’m shocked (being that he’s black) and ask him why he has them. He shrugs it off that it’s no big deal, he just likes how Hilter controlled the masses and he wants to learn from that.

In the meantime earlier in the day, he tells me he can get me someone to move me for $20 so I don’t have to pay $60 to the other guy I had been speaking to.

Anyway, to save money, I jump at his offer and tell him to arrange it. He says he’s waiting for the guy to call me back.

I tell the $60 guy that I may be switching and I will let him know, but as the day progresses and he doesn’t get an answer from me, he decides to take another job.

That night Davis comes to my apartment, helps me to pack up my things, I hear all about his business aspirations, his dislike of Donald Trump, how he almost became a doctor, etc.

He leaves and I never hear back from Davis Marshall Elones.

The next day I called him Davis many times and NOTHING. After a while I have to face the truth. I was left high and dry with no mover ON MOVING DAY all because I trusted Davis Marshall Elones!

This is what I’ve heard about the typical Panamanian, they just disappear. Never a word, no apology, they just leave you high and dry.

I’ve since learned they have little to no conscious about hurting others. Not all of them of course, but a lot, or most, are like that.

I spent HOURS trying to find a mover at the last minute and was stressed to no end. Moving is bad enough when everything is arranged and going according to plan, just imagine not having anyone to move you and you have to be out of the place you are in.

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  1. Now I’m being threatened by Davis. Davis ever hear of free speech? I’m allowed to relay my experiences in Panama.

    I have more to post, but I’m waiting to hear back from someone to hear what she says. I hope Davis & his family & friends don’t continue to threaten, it would be a shame if this got worse than this simple story of what happened to me.

    Here’s the threat:


    You have 24 hrs to delete this post http://dramainpanama.com/personality-of-many-panamanians/davis-marshall-elones/ from your web page.
    if you don´t do so I will File a Complain against you with the local authorities.

    Im not Playing Games I have my Lawyer on this and if you don´t Delete it you will get a call tomorrow from her Firm.

    best regards and good luck

    Davis Marshall

    PD. If Panamanians are so bad Go to Tocumen and Leave our Country!”

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