So I have a headache & wanted to go to bed, but can I? NO, OF COURSE NOT. Because people in Panama have no respect for others, they are very self centered & act like immature little children.

There’s been a party going on for 9 hours straight. It started around 6 pm & it’s now 2:30 am.

I have no idea when I’m going to be able to go to bed.

AND they are using a microphone to make their noise & screaming their heads off.

I have no problem with parties, just not for this long & this loud!

1 thought on “Noisy Party in Panama for 9 hours & counting”

  1. Their party didn’t finish until almost 6 am.


    Now they or someone else is having another party with music BLASTING WITH THE BASS.

    Again I want to go to bed & can’t. I can barely hear the music in my own house.

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