So from another expat, here’s one more example of the immature ego of Panamanians

From reading between the lines, it’s all about immature ego. You know, like 12-16 year olds who have to show off to the entire high school because they are so insecure they need to get recognition from others. That’s also why there’s no respect for others. It’s all about MEEEEEE… Of course keep in mind there are exceptions to the rule, but they are the small percentage.

“coming home from work last night edilsa spent an hour making it through two different road blocks coming into the city from the beaches. they were checking for drinkers dui drivers. she went right on thru without a check as had her uniform on etc. there were tow trucks and 4 or 5 cars waiting to be towed. good and bad as it makes it hard on folks like my wife that put in 10 hours and just want to get home but helps get some bad drivers off the road. my understanding is they will be doing it again today.. also i drove down the causeway to get to my boat at 7am yesterday it took 30 minutes as there was bumper to bumper cars unloading to get to toboga ferry.. typical panama culture they just stop in the middle of the road to unload make no effort to park on the side or let others past. like hey look at us unloading our coolers and beach stuff aint we cool !!!! and naturally they wait until they are unloaded to start pooling there money to pay the driver still standing in the middle of the road and the next car is not unloading while they do this they wait until they can drive another car length to get where they can block the entry to the turn off .. i am going to install an airhorn on my pickup next week that will help my frustration some”

Oh the bright side they are suddenly doing DUI checks which I didn’t think they do in Panama. Good for them, not good for it probably taking 3-5 times longer than it would for a DUI check in North America.

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