So today I went looking for house rentals. We found an $8/hour taxi driver & all was fine until we found a house for rent. He called the owner. The owner started playing the Panamanian game where they are soooo cheap, they call & hang up & then expect YOU to call back. So needless to say, I was already questioning this guy who expects to be a landlord. The landlord should be footing the bill for any initial showcasing expenses, not the other way around.

We scheduled to see the house & the owner said he had to be picked up from the El Rey as he didn’t have a car (he was coming by bus). I figured what the hell, we’ll pick him up, but we sat there waiting for him, & then the house was disgusting, so when I got back in the taxi, I said to Marie to translate to the taxi driver that I want some money to cover picking up the guy & then driving him back. Both the owner & the driver started laughing. I said to Marie, “why are they laughing, I don’t see what’s funny?”

Once I stood my ground to the taxi driver, he asked him for $3 & the landlord started babbling. In the end the guy refused & the taxi driver then refused to take money from the guy. At that point both of THEM get angry at ME for wanting money. LOL, yes, I am here to give free transportation to total strangers.

In the end he charged me the money even though Marie was telling me he wasn’t going to charge me or the landlord. So I got ripped off wasting around $39 with no potential rental in site.

I was sooo furious at the nerve of the taxi driver, I didn’t bother to argue.

My one mistake was not saying upfront that I wanted the money.



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