So I just heard another story of Another expat ripped off in Panama

This happened in Boquete where there’s the most expats per capita in Panama.

Now if you are thinking a local ripped this couple off, think again. It was another EXPAT. And don’t be shocked by this, I’ve already blogged about how many expats here are greedy & many rip off other expats.

Of course this couple’s lawyer was involved in the scam too & he was a local Panamanian, but the original scammer was an expat.

The couple had bought a house & somehow NEVER got a contract from the expat they bought the house from. They gave this expat tons of money to fix up the house & I heard it was untitled. I heard they lost $350k. I don’t have many details, so I don’t know if part of that was for the cost of the house or what.

The terrible thing besides losing that kind of money, is that the police, sheriff & mayor showed up 3-4 days before Christmas & told them they had 15 MINUTES to VACATE the house.

Supposedly they were totally unaware of what was going on.

Someone lent them their house to stay until they have to fly home the day of Christmas trying to get out with their some 10-14 animals including a monkey.

People, you can NOT trust ANYONE in this country. While I certainly don’t blame the couple who got scammed, I just don’t get how Americans can go around & NOT get a contract of some kind. Maybe they thought they had one because the lawyer lied, I don’t know.

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