So this wonderful expat is allowing me to post his suggestions on How to buy a used car in Panama

Since this is so out of the realm of thinking (at least for me), I thought it would be very helpful for anyone who is thinking of buying a used car.

“I thought that  I would add my experience:

I bought a car two years ago.  I drove the crap out it and sold it for more than I paid for it a few months ago.  Want to know my secret?

(I learned it the hard way.  Be very careful shopping on Encuentra24.  I went to look at car listed.  We met the people at a gas station that they suggested and we got robbed test driving it.  The cops told us that they have been trying to catch that group of individual for a while.)

I found the best way to buy a used car is to go to the car dealerships and ask the sales people (not the manager) if any people they currently are working with need to sell their cars.  In Panama the new car dealerships do not take trade-ins.  It is up to the individual or the sales person to find someone to buy the trade-in.

This is how the used car dealers find their vehicles. Now you are in a position to make the sales person work for you.  Tell them that you are thinking about starting a used car lot and that you want to establish a solid relationship. If this purchase works well that you are going to buy more vehicle.  Find out if they have anything in the works.  If they say no or do not have what you are looking for; go to the next sales person. (Do not expect the  salesperson or the manager to introduce you to the other sales people.  They are very competitive with each other here)

When you find a vehicle that you want to see…prep the sales person to tell the customer that you are a dealer and are willing to pay wholesale for the car after you see it. The customer will not be shocked or upset when they bring the vehicle for you to see and you offer a low price.  Meet at the dealership.  It is safe and the sales person is there to help close the deal. ”

Hope that helps.



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