Gregory Alexander who responded to my translator position.

Because of all the spam I’m getting from having to put my e-mail address in the ads I place on this heavily populated classified site in Panama (http://www.encuentra24.com), I had to use the covert method of inserting my e-mail address… Like this abc at gmail dot com

Even if a person isn’t great at being a nettie, if they have a brain, they should be able to figure out what the e-mail address is, but unfortunately as you will learn, the majority of people in Panama aren’t smart at all. I had heard this when I first arrived, but didn’t want to pass judgement until I figured it out for myself. Well, I’ve figured it out for myself.

And I don’t think it’s just because they haven’t gone to school, but this is a topic for another post as I digress.

It’s unfortunately typical in Panama that companies have no clue how to code, develop or run a website properly. I believe the same is true in Costa Rica, so if you are an expat who knows what you are doing when it comes to developing sites, I recommend you tap into this market. The so called website coders charge an arm & a leg for the shoddy work they do. That’s what I heard in Costa Rica when I was there.

So, most of the sites in Panama don’t work properly, are hard to navigate, don’t have the proper buttons in the proper areas, etc. In the classified site above, I shouldn’t have had to put my e-mail address in the ad, but too many people told me there was no way to e-mail me, so I had to. I found out recently that there is a way for them to contact me (could be a new feature), but they can’t attach a resume. So this is what I mean, their sites are like amateur hour.

That’s the backstory, here’s what happened with Gregory…

Right away he showcased his ineptness by telling me I forgot to write whether it was a gmail or hotmail address.

I wrote back…

“The e-mail address was very clear. If you don’t know much about the Internet & how things work then we aren’t a good match. All the best Michelle”

He then tries to show off by saying…

“I have 1 year as a tier 2 interpreter & 2 years as a SEO and Internet Marketing. But sure… I don’t know much about internet and how it works. Not going to argue with someone who can’t clearly write Have fun in Panama.”

Since now he was “claiming that he knew SEO & Internet marketing”, I was shocked that he was online, so I said, “YOU ARE DANGEROUS ONLINE, PLEASE GET OFF OF IT.”

I could maybe understand someone with absolutely no internet experience not getting it, but like I said, if they had a brain they would figure it out, but THIS GUY claims to know 2 highly trained skills that require you to know the ins & outs of the Internet & he CAN’T read my e-mail address???

Then he writes me back & threatens me, so if something happens to me, one should look at Gregory Alexander in Panama City.

“Panama is dangerous… Especially for people who left personal info like cellphone and such… Watch out
Message sent from my BlackBerry® device from +Móvil!”

Be careful of who you hire in Panama.



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