Today I was awoken from my sleep by my UPS going off. I had just gotten to sleep when the electricity went down again in Panama.

Normally in this complex it goes back on after 5 minutes. This time it was off for minimum 2-3 hours.

I couldn’t breath as it’s so hot AND I lost $2 calling Union Fenoza trying to create a report & find out what was going on.

My day is shot, as I have to be up for a meeting soon & I didn’t get enough sleep.

These are the types of stressors we have to go through here in Panama.



2 thoughts on “Electricity Down Again”

  1. Again the electricity went off today in Panama & for at least 2-3 hours as I didn’t even hear my UPS going on I was so tired.

    So I again got no sleep & had to run around to see if it was just my house or the entire complex which it was.

    Then after calling Union Fenoza, the girl (stupid) takes down my NIS number reads off the name to me, I said, “yes” & then she keeps asking me for the NIS number over & over again.

    She then hung up on me & I had to call back 2 more times before I got someone who told me someone was working on it. The electricity FINALLY came back on within 30 minutes of my calling. I lost my sleep & over $2 in cell phone charges.

    That’s twice now within 2 weeks.

  2. The electricity went out for 8 FUCKING HOURS.

    From about 12:15 am until 8 am the next morning.

    This beats Union Fenoz’s record of being off for 7 hours at that other complex I used to live in.

    When I called UF when the electricity first went off, the girl spoke in Spanish, I asked to speak to someone in English, she continued in Spanish (typical stupidity) & then hung up on me.

    I missed a VERY important call & couldn’t work, plus had no fan. Thank gawd it was cool last night.


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