So today I realized I just can’t work in Boquete Panama

The rain is SOOOOO hard, I can’t hear anything if I have to make a call which of course I do as that’s part of my job. In fact I have a potential client waiting for a call from me & I CAN’T make it as the rain here in Boquete NEVER ENDS.

The rain is sooooo bad here, that it can rain for minimum 4-8 hours straight non stop & I’m not talking a sprinkle here which we can get occasionally.

Unless you get a roof that isn’t made of that cheap tin metal, you are SOL.

And I’m not even sure if you do get a different kind of roof it will help to thwart the noise.

I can’t even watch TV, that’s how loud it is.

So if you plan on coming to Boquete to work, with the rain & the TERRIBLE Internet, you will be in for a big surprise. I don’t recommend it to anyone. Oh & the expats will lie & tell you all is fine here. That’s how I got sucked into coming to Panama in the first place, as I trusted them. BIG MISTAKE.



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