So one positive thing about Panama is their Aloe Vera.

They use it for a lot of medicinal reasons & the leaves are HUGE. Maybe not as big as in the Orient, but much larger than you see in North America although I haven’t lived in warm climates in the US to know if they have the big ones there too.

Also there are 2 kinds of Aloe here, one that’s bitter & one that’s less bitter. The one that is darker & solid in color is less bitter.

I use it for the insect bites & it works probably better than anything else.

Someone told me it’s good to mix with carrot juice to place in the eye for eye infections. Others of course juice it as it’s very healthy.

In Calidonia it’s $1 per leaf & while that may seem cheap, if you need to be juicing with it every day, one leaf isn’t going to be enough.

There is a specific way to get the gel out of the leaf without struggle, so I suggest you search on You Tube to find that video I watched that taught me how to cut it. It was done by an Asian woman & that’s how I found out they have MUCH larger leaves. LOL




2 thoughts on “Aloe Vera in Panama”

  1. I’m really disappointed about this bog, I’m a 23 years old Panamenian and how you keep referring to us as not smart and all, and giving the impression that you are being ripped off every 5 minutes is just rude. Have you ever think that maybe the reason why you are facing all this problems is because of your attitude towards the panamenian people? because if you think that you are dealing with stupid inferior, as you express repeatedly in this blog, i’m almost sure you treat people with the same disrespect. Sorry if my English isn’t perfect, please post the apology when you make fun of how bad it is. Bless

  2. I’m sorry you are disappointed. If you read my story, I NEVER came to this country having these opinions & the last thing I wanted was to be in this situation.

    Someone told me how things were here the first few weeks I arrived & I didn’t believe them until months later.

    NO, I don’t treat people with disrespect. I’m a very humble person most of the time. The only time I lose respect, is when I have to go through this bullshit almost every day.

    I don’t expect you to admit what the truth is, I have only come across one Panamanian who has the same viewpoints & is honest & that’s because she loved the US & saw the huge differences.

    I also would NEVER make fun of your English. The only time I make fun of someone is when they lie about their skillset & pretend to be someone they aren’t (that includes companies) & they play games. Then I don’t make fun, I get angry at the lies & my time/money being wasted.

    You clearly don’t understand what I’m saying if you think I’m a bully. That is a shame.

    All the best


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