So I live in Arraijan now & every day a produce comes by.

Their produce sucks, but on Sundays, this van comes by. It’s run by a couple. He’s Caribbean I’m sure, his wife I don’t know, but they are lovely people & his English isn’t that bad. Not advanced, but enough to communicate with.

He’s given me samples twice & sometimes I love his food, other times not so much.

He’s also worked with me to either create something he didn’t have, or modify something he did.

Today we got onto the topic of my health issues. He became concerned & he started suggesting herbs to help me with one of my issues. He mentioned doctors twice, & I told him NO, I don’t see or trust conventional doctors.

Anyway, next week he’s going to bring me the herb I need & show me how to prepare it.

Talk about a lovely man.

This is what makes Panama great & why I came here. To be around the gracious & lovely people who maybe small in minority, but leave lasting impressions.



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