These are Highly Recommended Moving Companies in Panama

When I moved to the US from Panama finally to escape, I researched quite a few shipping companies, but they were all too expensive for me, so I ended up going with back Mailboxes Etc. in Obarrio which I reviewed on this blog. They had moved me from Miami to Panama when I first arrived.

I did talk to Reiner & this person is right, Cesar is very nice & attentive, but he’s just way way too expensive for 10 measly boxes. Double what I paid with Mailboxes.


“We, too, used Ranier (as I have posted ad nauseum) for our U.S. to Panama move. If moving can be non-stressful (which it never is…and we had to store our goods for 2 years), Ranier is the closest you can come.

Cesar Castro was wonderful. He would touch base during our 2 years of “camping out,” waiting, waiting for our apt. to be finished. He was pro-active in addressing issues and always answered our concerns and questions in a timely manner. Our move was (finally) executed expertly. We had a few broken items (the major one wwe knew of before we moved, as the craters at our former residence broke a marble table top in our LR but we had to move it so as to make the claim), but the claim was settled quickly.

I would highly recommend Ranier for a U.S. to Panama move:


Make a request to work with Cesar Castro personally. He KNOWS Panama.

On a second note, for moving from Panama to the U.S., I would recommend working with Caridad at Panama International Packers. Be VERY VERY careful not to work with a similarly-named concern (yes, VERY confusing…and we know of a couple who succumbed to the confusion and had a HORRIBLE move back to the U.S.) that has a string of complaints a mile long. BREVE PRESENTACIÓN DE LA COMPAÑÍA <> “

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