Air Panama is a terrible airline, but what else is new in Panama

So I’ve e-mailed them 4 times & called them at least 6 times.

Either they:

  1. Don’t return my e-mails (I got one response out of all my e-mails)
  2. I call up & they lie saying so & so is busy & will e-mail you the flight times when he’s free AND before he leaves work (of course I never get an e-mail)
  3. The girl hangs up the phone on me when I ask to speak to a manager
  4. They don’t answer the phone at all

Their website is also terrible because you HAVE to put in a return date, it’s not even configured to allow you to fly one way. BRILLIANT!

I also heard from someone else that if you are catching a flight from Panama city & you HAVE to be at the Tocumen airport at a certain time, you best make other arrangements, because Air Panama can cancel their flight whenever they want.

Welcome to Panama people, where nothing works & there’s NO RESPECT FOR ANYONE!

Oh & a few other things. DON’T listen to expats who tell you that you can just show up at the airport & pay for your ticket right then & there. You HAVE to pay in advance, otherwise you risk the flight being fully booked. That’s what happened to me the first time I flew them from Panama city to David.

The flight was uneventful & smooth, so I’ll say it was a good flight, but everything else was STRESSFUL which of course is normal in Panama. If they can make something difficult, they will go out of their way to do so.

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