So I just wanted to tell that cell phones aren’t cheap in Panama.

Unless of course you never use them LOL

Mine runs me around $40-80 per month & that’s just from calling stores, realtors, potential landlords, ISPs & the list goes on. It stressed me out when I first realized this.

It’s not like I sit & yap with friends all day, but when you call stores, etc. the chances of you being put on hold for 10 hours is very high.

This is why they all go in person which I still have an issue with, as that wastes time & money too (taxi). Back in Canada I ONLY went to a store when I was ready to buy, I never had to go to a store just to ask a simple question, make a complaint, etc.

Here it’s a pain in the ass & unfortunately different.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1.   Go with Cable & Wireless T movil (mas movil). If you are in the Interior, it’s better coverage, plus most people are on it. Why does that matter? Because it’s cheaper to call someone on the same carrier.
  2. If you find yourself calling one number a lot, add it as your favorite.
  3. Every 3rd day or so they have specials which allows you to call one C&W number (cell not landline) for free. It only lasts 24-48 hours, but at least it’s something. I can never read the specials as I haven’t learned Spanish yet, but they popup 3-4 times per day & are annoying.
  4. They also have another special that will give you X minutes for free, so if you top up your cell phone (add money even if it’s only $2, it will give you free minutes. $10 gives you more free minutes, etc.

    Again, that’s ONLY for C&W people.

  5. Calling a landline costs more.
  6. Texting is cheaper which is why I had to learn texting when I got here.
  7. Most Panamanians have blackberrys. How they can afford them I don’t know. They get them as gifts or buy used ones. Some get it from their contract on their cell phone carrier, but most don’t.

    They use the blackberry instant messaging which is free, but you still have to pay $15/month to get an unlimited data plan.

  8. A lot of Panamanians are cheap. They will call you once & hang up expecting you to call them back & then pay for the call.

So that’s all I have for you for now, hope this helps you :  )



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