I’ve only been in Panama for 4 months & while I heard from one woman that Panamanian men are very immature,  I had to see for myself.

Well today was an example worth noting that yes, some (or many) Panamanians are very immature.

In the neighborhoods that aren’t in the city, there’s often small vans that come around to sell food, breads, sweets, etc.

There’s this one van that sells bread & sweets that I bought from a couple of times, but most of his stuff was garbage, in my opinion. One thing I did like was his chicken empanadas because the dough was flaky. The filling was eh, not the greatest, but I loved the dough.

So the other day my friend Marie goes out & asks him how much they are (I usually buy multiple items, so I never know) & he tells her 75 cents.

I think this is very expensive & I wonder if he’s ripping off a “gringo” AGAIN, so I tell her to go back & ask him if he raised his price. He told her no, but I didn’t want to pay 75 cents which is even more than you’d pay in the grocery store.

Tonight I wanted her to see if he had bread pudding cake as he’s only ever had it once before.

She stood outside & he wouldn’t stop, he went right by her.

Unfortunately this is typical immature behavior on the part of Panamanians. If they get insulted by any little thing (customers aren’t allowed to ask questions), they will snub you & ignore you. I haven’t had this happen to me before & I don’t know if he would have done this to me, but it’s just downright disrespectful. As Gringos, we have to question every little thing because Panamanians rip off so many Gringos.



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