How to watch American TV Shows While in Panama

So one of the most common questions expat ask when they come to live in Panama, is HOW can I watch American TV shows from sites like Hulu.

Even Canadians living in Canada are restricted from watching TV shows in the United States.

While there are proxies out there, they never work as well as a VPN.

So what is a VPN you ask? It stands for Virtual Private Network.

It allows your computer to use an IP address from any country where you need to surf without being restricted, so if you are looking to watch American TV shows in the US, a VPN is the way to go.

I used this VPN service, so this is what I recommend.

They have many different countries they cater to (not just one), & they responded to my query in a timely manner. The software was easy for the worker I had hired to figure out & she is not technically advanced at all, so this should be perfect for seniors living in Panama.

They have different packages & the rates are all reasonable. The only thing you have to do that I don’t like, is renew every month, it’s not automatic.

If you want to access the US, click  here

Plans for a US VPN range from:

  • $6/month ($4.95 if you pay annually) for 20 GB
  • $15/month for 30 GB
  • $18/month for unlimited.

They also offer a 3 day money back guarantee

Canada, click here
France click here
UK click here

Hope you enjoy this.



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