Hernan seemed like a nice guy when I first met him.

His English was okay & he wanted to drive us around to look at houses for rent.

I thought he did an excellent job & was a fast worker. He even said he had leads for a mover & someone high up in Cable & Wireless. I was very impressed & kept saying that over & over again, but that was short lived.

Then the next day I called his sister who’s a lawyer as he had told me to call her. Her number is 6677-7876 (I only realized now he never gave us her name) & when we called & tried to speak Spanish to her, she ended up hanging up the phone & then wouldn’t answer when we called her back.

When I called Hernan over & over again, he either blocked my calls or ignored me.

Then hours later his wife picked up the phone & in the middle of talking to Marie, hung up on the phone on her. She lied saying he’s at work. Yeh right, he went to work without his cell. I was born yesterday.

Hernan’s number has an Israeli mother who lives in Miami & a Panamanian father. He was raised by his father & sounds like he has little to no ties to his mother. His number is 6670-0612

Hernan is an engineer who works for Cable & Wireless during the day & runs his part time company installing towers for other Internet companies. Shh, don’t let Cable & Wireless know he’s in direct competition with them & also handles this work while he’s working at Cable & Wireless.

He also can’t stand Cable & Wireless (we had a whole discussion about them) so much, that he has Cableonda Internet in his house.

Once again, immature behavior from these people.



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