So I will start to post safety tips or warnings for Panama.

I recently found out that dogs in certain areas are poisoned. At first I thought it was because the dogs barked too much (while that’s a Panamanian problem, I’m sure some expats here also don’t care about their dogs barking & disrupting people’s lives), but then I found out that this is NOT the reason. The reason is you are about to get your house robbed.

A senior couple in the Volcan area just lost THREE of their dogs. Terrible Panamanians criminals poisoned all THREE of their dogs (still makes me furious).

Even though someone on the Yahoo group mentioned to be careful they may end up being robbed & I’m sure this couple was very careful, the thieves still got in & not only robbed the place, but beat them too.

To make matters worse, when the police were called & came over, instead of just taking their statement & looking for the terrible people who did this, they arrested the couple because they had one pot plant growing in their backyard. They were using it for medicinal reasons.

So the couple landed themselves in jail after being victimized & losing 3 members of their family to death.

So if your dogs get poisoned, I would seriously consider this the first step in that you may be about to be ROBBED.

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