Have You Heard that Construction in Panama is Terrible and Can Ruin Your House?

Construction in Panama is TerribleBe aware that construction in Panama is terrible.

Here is a link to a video of a building collapsing, and below is a post from an expat about what HE’S going through with his home in Panama.

“I am not surprised that a building collapsed. I AM surprised more buildings DO NOT collapse. I dare anyone to take Corredor Norte from Albrook to Brisa del Golf as a prime example of how disgusting construction is here in Panama. The road crews are in fact the same people that construct buildings. It just depends on who awards the jobs. HOW FREAKING SCARY IS THAT. My house in Brisas is falling apart or I should say sinking into the ground. My deck is cracking, my driveway is disintegrating, all my ceilings are cracked, one bedroom floor exploded and all the tiles dislodged, walls are spitting out chunks of cement and the most alarming is that my gas line from outside has ruptured underneath my laundry room or kitchen floor. I hooked up my water heater directly on Saturday to a small tank from the laundry room to outside and now have a small tank inside the kitchen for cooking and another one for the clothes dryer. UNBELIEVABLE. The sad thing is that I am stuck in the hell hole called Brisis del Golf because of the kids school. Public Schools are pathetic here in Panama and private schools like the one my kids go to are not that easy to find or easily accessible or in an area that will bleed you to death financially.”

Poor guy, I feel for him.

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