So getting a taxi from the Panamanian airport called Tocumen can be a challenge.

Not that there aren’t taxis, it’s just a matter of whether you want to get ripped off or not because you are a Gringo.

I got ripped off paying close to $30, so I’m giong to paste here what a local told a Gringo coming to Panama…

“Try to see if talking to other travelers or with the same taxi drivers on the ground floor (tourism taxis) for a collective taxi. Three ore more pax pay $10 each. The regular taxi for one or two is $30 (it is better two: $15 each). If don’t find anybody try going to the first floor (departing flights) to take a yellow cab, but you need to negotiate with the driver. Don’t pay him more than $15. By law, they are only authorized to leave passengers (but not the practice) and that rate is $12 plus extra charges for holiday ($0.25) & night hour (from 10 p.m till 5 a.m.- $0.25) = $0.50 more.”

Oh & if you think Gringos are going to help you, think again.

Being here now almost 7 months, I now know that most (not all) of the Gringos rip off other Gringos too. All they care about is making tons of money off your ignorance.



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