Another expat ripped off in Panama

So I just heard another story of Another expat ripped off in Panama This happened in Boquete where there’s the most expats per capita in Panama. Now if you are thinking a local ripped this couple off, think again. It was another EXPAT. And don’t be shocked by this, I’ve already blogged about how many … Read more

The rain in Boquete Panama

The rain in Boquete Panama is TERRIBLE I get that it’s the rainy season now, but I NEVER EVER thought I’d have to deal with this stressor. I knew the rain gets cold compared to when I was living in & around Panama city, & I thought I could handle it, but I can’t. It … Read more

Bring a blanket and Housecoat to Panama

If you are going to move to Boquete, bring a blanket and housecoat to Panama Do NOT sell or give them away. I gave away a gorgeous light, yet heavy blanket & 2 good expensive housecoats thinking I would NEVER EVER need them here in Panama. It gets sooooo cold in Boquete at night, my … Read more

Fire in someone’s backyard

So last night I hear this crackling noise & think to myself, “Oh my gawd, is there a fire burning outside???” Sure enough, I go to investigate & there IS. They are once again burning grass & garbage. I’ve seen the smoke going to & from the store. So you know you aren’t supposed to … Read more

Radio Stations in Panama

So I don’t think I’ve talked about Radio Stations in Panama This requires a topic all on its own LOL I’ve already noticed that the DJs in Panama think they are HOT SHIT. Not that DJs back home don’t also have an ego & a penis the size of whatever, but here it’s a lot … Read more

Seasons in Panama

So this is a post about the Seasons in Panama First off all, when I flew into Panama, I had no idea the sun always sets around 6 pm. I remember being shocked that it didn’t set at 9 or 10 pm. This is supposedly because of the Ecuador. I’m not even a novice in … Read more

Cost of Living Increases in Panama

So here is a list of the cost of living increases in Panama For many of you this will seem like peanuts & that’s because you are probably making a lot more money then I am, but things have been really tough for me since I got to Panama because like everything I’ve encountered here, … Read more

Cigarette smoke, drugs, & chemicals in Panama

So every time I suffer because of the cigarette smoke, drugs, & chemicals in Panama, I’m going to blog about it I’m sitting in my own home & can’t breath. For almost a week now someone (or several people) have been smoking sooo much, I am inhaling second hand smoke which as you should know … Read more

Paying your electricity bill in Panama

So here is the lowdown on paying your electricity bill in Panama You can’t pay by credit card, so I assume you can’t pay by debit card either. The first time I went to pay the electricity bill, my then landlady told me to go to Banco something (sorry I can’t remember which bank it … Read more

The size of taxis in Panama

I don’t know what it is about the size of taxis in Panama The space between the backseat & the front seat is always so tiny, that my feet are almost always scrunched up. When trying to get out of the taxi it’s always a major event for me. Either the seat is so low … Read more